Achieving Change


Achieving change is what motivates the work of the COTA organisations around Australia.  As the national body, COTA Australia coordinates the national policy work of the State and Territory COTAs and seeks to support consistent policy development and implementation around Australia.

COTA is the national peak body for older Australians and works for all older Australians, not just its own members.  It has a broad agenda to pursue the rights and interests of older people, particularly those who are vulnerable or experiencing disadvantage.  In total the COTAs have over 1,000 member organisations and over 40,000 individual members.  Through these members COTA Australia gives a voice to the views and needs of around 500,000 older Australians.  

COTA Australia’s work is informed by the results of its National Policy Council meetings. High priority areas identified for the next twelve months are aged care, health reform and age discrimination.  Work continues on housing, essential services, concessions, mature age employment and retirement incomes.  Energy costs and rural ageing are two emerging issues now receiving more attention as we go forward. 


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