COTA Australia Position Statement on Climate Change

Position Statement on Climate Change

COTA Australia has adopted the following Position Statement on the crucial issue of climate change, and we have begun building our own response to this fundamental challenge facing us all.

1. COTA Australia recognises the significance and impact of climate change on all Australians and our responsibility for the environmental legacy our generation is leaving for future generations.

2. COTA Australia believes that Australia must be part of the global effort to take effective action on climate change. Unless Australia and other countries can strengthen their efforts to reduce carbon emissions, vulnerable members of the community, in particular children and older people will increasingly suffer the adverse impacts (including fatalities) from weather extremes such as heat waves, floods and bushfires. These impacts are already well documented.

3. COTA Australia supports the transition to a low carbon economy to reduce carbon emissions and the need to consider its impact on vulnerable groups, including older people, in all policy areas including housing, health, income security, transport, energy and daily living.

4. COTA Australia believes it is the responsibility of governments at all levels, to reduce carbon emissions, mitigate the effects of climate change and support older Australians to prepare for and adjust to a changing climate and economy in both the short and long term.

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