Strategic Thinking for Choice and Control

Strategic Thinking for Choice and Control

Get ready to thrive and survive in February 2017 and beyond

When: Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July, 2016
Where: SMC Conference & Function Centre 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000

The conference will explorer:

  • February 2017 - getting ready for Choice & Control
  • 2018 - Combining Home Care Packages and Home Support Programme - and more?
  • Beyond - The Roadmap for Reform - what does the journey to an end to end aged care system look like?

With the enormous amount of change happening in the aged care sector, providers must explore what the destination of reform is and the steps that need to be taken in order to get there.

From February 2017 home care packages will be assigned to consumers by My Aged Care from a national pool of available packages. This has led to providers strategically planning for the immediate changes to come - but what about beyond February 2017?

The Aged Care Sector Committee has developed the Aged Care Roadmap and recommended it to the Minister for Ageing. The Roadmap describes the steps across all areas of care in the short, medium and long term in order to give direction to the sector.

Understanding how to prepare now for the coming end to end aged care system will enable your organisation to thrive and survive and most importantly ensure access to the best care for older Australians into the future.

Hear key contributions from:

  • Karen Phipson, Chief Marketing Officer, KINCARE
  • Kerri Rivett, Chief Executive Officer, SHEPPARTON VILLAGES
  • Dr Stephen Judd, Chief Executive Officer, HAMMONDCARE
  • Melissa Simpson, Chief Customer Officer, FEROS CARE
  • Paul Gregersen, Chief Executive Officer, ESTIA HEALTH

What you will learn:

  • Plans for sector growth and sustainability in the sector
  • Key reform milestones to help inform strategic planning
  • Preparing to operate competitively to retain existing and attract new customers
  • Changes to funding and financing arrangements - who pays and how?
  • How to strengthen governance in an era of choice and control
  • Strategy for marketing increased choice & to enhance the customer journey
  • Flexible and viable workforce models in a shifting landscape

For more information and to register

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W: www.criterionconferences.com/event/stcc/

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