Increasing Choice and Control in Aged Care - Hobart

You are invited to our Coffee and conversation consultation

Hobart: Friday November 3rd

Salamanca Inn, 10 Gladstone Street, Hobart

Providers and staff: 9am - 11:30am / Consumers and carers: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

COTA Australia listens to the voice of older Australians who have told us they want to continue to make their own decisions and maintain control over the care and services they receive in their own homes as they age. People using Commonwealth funded home care packages have the option of being more involved in the day-to-day management of their package as much, or as little, as they want - but not everyone knows about this.

As part of our Increasing Self-management in Home Care Project, we are interested in hearing from aged care consumers and family carers, and home care package providers and their staff, about:

  1. What is known about self-management in home care packages, 
  2. Interest in self-management with increasing levels of choice and control, 
  3. The tasks and activities required to successfully self-managing at different levels,
  4. The information or support required by consumers to successfully self-manage their care and services, 
  5. The criteria required to assess and self-assess ability to self-manage at different levels, 
  6. The information and support required by organisations to offer increasing levels of self-management, and 
  7. The training and development required for staff, and consumers and carers, to be supported in this choice.

In addition to a national provider survey and consumer/carer survey, COTA Australia will be holding Coffee and conversations consultations to discuss these questions and the trial in more detail:

Reserve your seat now

Call: 1300 899 288 or Email: kfraser@cota.org.au

Refreshments will be provided at these meetings

Your responses and feedback will support the development of Self-Management Toolkits for approved home care providers and their staff, and for consumers and carers, to support a Home Care Package Self-management trial in 2018.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Increasing Self-Management in Home Care Project Team
COTA Australia



Self-management: offers consumers, and/or a trusted family member or carer, the option to be more involved in the day-to-day planning and management of their home care at levels that suit the consumer; from total control, to partial control or the choice to have a provider manage all aspects of your package for you.

Cashed-out: package funding provided directly to the consumer, or their trusted carer, for their management through the purchase of services, care needs and accounting in relation to an agreed home care plan. Under the current legislation administration and case management would be excluded from this amount.

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