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Media Releases


COTA Australia has a record of being successful in getting media coverage on particular issues in both mainstream media and those targeted specifically at older people.


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The Hon Christian Porter MP, Minister for Social Services

The Hon Sussan Ley MP, Minister for Aged Care, Minister for Health

Older Australians demand better aged care this election
23/5/2016 - An alliance of 48 aged care groups will today launch a national campaign to put aged care on the election agenda after silence from the major parties on how they will address the aged care needs of older Australians. Media release by the National Aged Care Alliance.
National Consumer Fraud Week: seniors lose $21 million a year to scammers
16/5/2016 - Leading seniors advocate COTA Australia today urged older Australians to be vigilant to fraudsters and scammers who swindled a reported $21 million from people aged over 55 last year.
Appointment of full time Age Discrimination Commissioner welcomed by older Australians
6/5/2016 - Peak seniors advocate, COTA Australia, today welcomed the Hon. Dr Kay Patterson to her role as Australia’s new Age Discrimination Commissioner and the reinstatement of full time commissioners to the age and disability portfolios.
BUDGET 2016: some great news, some missed opportunities, some concerns
3/5/2016 - Australia’s leading seniors’ advocacy organisation, COTA Australia, today labeled the overall effect of the 2016 Federal budget a mixed bag for older people with some great measures around superannuation but missed opportunities in aged care, housing and mature age employment.
BUDGET 2016: Superannuation Reform Package Welcomed
3/5/2016 - Australia's leading seniors advocacy organisation, COTA Australia, welcomed the package of initiatives in the Federal budget which better target superannuation tax concessions, lift age restrictions on contributions, provide opportunities for women and people on low incomes to better save for retirement, and make the system more flexible and responsive to retirement needs.
Removing barriers to mature age employment good for economy and society
2/5/2016 - The significant economic, social and health benefits of older people and people with disability participating in the workforce are again highlighted in a major report by the Australian Human Rights Commission released today by the Attorney General.
COTA welcomes Senate report on superannuation gender gap
29/4/2016 - Australia's leading seniors advocate has welcomed the recommendations of the report of the Senate Standing Committee on Economics' Inquiry into Women's Economic Security in Retirement, designed to correct the gender gap in superannuation levels that is "shamefully" leaving too many women struggling financially when they retire.
Addressing housing stress should be a priority election issue
21/4/2016 - The shocking figures revealed in Anglicare’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot today demonstrates the need for all political parities to prioritise housing affordability in their election platforms.
Older Australians welcome strengthening of financial regulator
20/4/2016 - Increasing powers and funding for the financial regulator ASIC is a welcome step, providing some security to millions of older people who are too often the victims of poor conduct in the banking and finance sectors.
Co-Ordinated Health Care For Chronic Illness Is Good News
31/3/2016 - Leading senior's advocate COTA Australia today welcomed changes to the health care system that will better co-ordinate health care for older Australians suffering from chronic conditions and poor health, keeping them out of hospital and in their own homes.
COTA Australia welcomes Labor’s commitment to planning for a positive and inclusive ageing Australia
17/3/2016 - Leading seniors advocate COTA Australia today backed Labor’s proposal for a new Minister for Ageing and Longevity to oversee a whole of government approach to increasing longevity and to look after the welfare of the many older Australians who are excluded from the full benefits of citizenship due to inequality and ageism.
Moves to clarify objectives of superannuation welcome and necessary, but not sufficient
9/3/2016 - Leading seniors advocate, COTA Australia, today welcomed the Federal Government’s move to clearly identify the objectives of superannuation in legislation as recommended by the Financial Systems Inquiry.
New legislation gives older Australians real choice and control over services and care in their home
4/3/2016 - Legislation passed in the Senate yesterday giving older Australians more choice about their home care services is a very welcome improvement to our aged care system, leading seniors advocate COTA Australia said today.
Let’s put an end to alarmist pension headlines and review retirement incomes properly
2/3/2016 - Leading seniors advocate, COTA Australia, today renewed its call for a considered, holistic and independent Retirement Incomes Review in light of yet another round of exaggerated claims about the age pension.
Older Australians Welcome More Choice And Control In Delivery Of Home Care
11/2/2016 - Leading seniors advocate COTA Australia today welcomed the introduction of the legislation which will give control of aged home care packages and services to older people for the first time.
Emergency attention needed for ailing health insurance system
30/1/2016 - Leading seniors advocate, COTA Australia, today welcomed moves by the Federal Government to require more information from private health insurers before automatically approving premium insurance hikes.
Congratulations 2016 Senior Australian of the Year, Gordian Fulde
25/1/2016 - Leading seniors advocate, COTA Australia, today congratulated the 2016 Senior Australian of the Year, Gordian Fulde, following a distinguished career as the Director of Emergency at St Vincent's Hospital and Sydney Hospital for more than three decades.
Make housing options viable and flexible for older Australians
1/2/2015 - Productivity Commission research into housing and older Australians should be considered as a part of a comprehensive retirement incomes package which considers the impacts on the quality of life of older people, not just as a Federal Budget quick fix, leading seniors advocate COTA Australia said today. COTA Chief Executive Ian Yates said COTA had called repeatedly for a full and independent retirement incomes review that would consider all policy options and their interrelationships, using evidence-based modelling.
Mental Health Reforms Welcome but Fail to Address the Needs of Older People
26/11/2015 - The release of wide ranging reforms in mental health by the federal government today provide a welcome shift to a more person-centered, streamlined and localized approach but unfortunately still fail to address to quite systemic neglect of the unique issues faced by older Australians, including depression and the high prevalence of suicide.
National plan needed to address national housing stress
24/11/2015 - The release of the Rental Affordability Index today again highlights the high levels of housing stress being felt across the nation and the need for all levels of government to act to firstly prevent it from worsening, and preferably to turn it around.
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