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COTA Australia regularly follows developments in the news relating to our areas of work; items which may be of particular interest to site visitors will be included on this page.  For updates on our recent activities and newest additions to the site, please see Latest News.

Momentum builds on targeted tax concessions
11/6/2015 - Australia's largest industry fund, AustralianSuper has joined calls for the tax concessionality of superannuation to be changed to preclude it being utilised as an estate planning vehicle by wealthy Australians.
Mental health sufferers urged to better prepare for old age: SANE
8/6/2015 - One of Australia's top mental health charities is warning Australians with a mental illness to plan better for their old age.
Dementia in the workforce: the ageing issue we're not prepared to deal with
7/5/2015 - Sensibly, everyone seems to be planning for an ageing Australia. However, no one is mentioning the elephant in the room.
Cash-strapped Aussies break open retirement savings
7/6/2015 - A record rate of cash-strapped Australians are being given approval to access their superannuation early and they are walking away with larger amounts of cash.
Australian groups mobilise ahead of global day of action on elder abuse
5/6/2015 - Aged care providers and seniors rights groups are preparing to launch public awareness campaigns and events in the lead-up to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June
Medicare levy changes pass lower house
4/6/2015 - Federal Labor has helped wave through a rise in the Medicare levy threshold for low-income families, praising the government for "rare decency".
Joe Hockey fails to rule out second term changes to superannuation
4/6/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey has again put himself at odds with Prime Minister Tony Abbott by failing to rule out reforms to superannuation if the government wins a second term.
Frydenberg seeks informed debate on super
3/6/2015 - The coalition has not closed the door to future changes to the way superannuation is taxed, Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says.
Minister raises concerns with CDC transition
3/6/2015 - Assistant Minister for Social Services Mitch Fifield has criticised some home care providers for failing to make the transition to consumer directed care early enough, reminding providers they had three years to prepare for the changes and address the loss of the ability to cross subsidise clients.
Relatives can aid elderly fight depression
2/6/2015 - WHEN elderly people get depressed, they often need twice as much help to overcome it.
Treasury secretary says superannuation tax concessions need to be reviewed
1/6/2015 - The Treasury secretary, John Fraser, has repeated his view that the federal government should examine the growing cost of superannuation tax concessions, but argued it was “a long-term discussion that really should be thought of in terms of decades”.
$52 million for projects, hospital guidelines among initiatives announced in Palliative Care Week
29/5/2015 - Regional and rural community care aged provider and training organisation integratedliving Australia is among recipients of $52 million in Commonwealth Government funding for projects to improve palliative care education and training for health and aged care workers.
Abbott and Hockey at odds over Labor's economic modelling of budget impacts
27/5/2015 - The prime minister, Tony Abbott, has accused the Labor party of “using and abusing” a leading modelling firm by commissioning an analysis of the government’s budget without including so-called “second-round effects” of its policies, but the treasurer, Joe Hockey, has conceded such flow-on impacts were usually “not taken into account” by modellers.
The invisibles: how older women became Australia’s forgotten people
27/5/2015 - No job, no kids, no home, no money. No husband to count on. No family. Invisibility. This is the reality faced by thousands of women as they age. Away from the public spotlight, they are politically undesirable, and thus, forgotten. Their walls carry no photographs of cherubic children and strong-jawed men, or if they do, they are nothing but a memory of a life once lived.
CALD provider shares highs and lows of CDC journey
37/6/2015 - The transition to consumer directed care packages is contributing to more flexible and responsive care for culturally and linguistically diverse seniors, however concerns remain over the capacity of clients with limited family support and English language skills to direct their own care, according to a not-for-profit CALD provider.
Nursing home operators playing hard ball with penalty rates, unions warn
26/5/2015 - Aged care providers have refused to negotiate with nurses on a new salary agreement until the Productivity Commission reviews the modern award, including the future of penalty rates.
Lambie to meet Morrison on pension changes
24/5/2015 - Independent Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie hasn't decided whether to support the Abbott government's proposed changes to the age pension.
George Brandis rejects crossbench push on extra super for women
24/5/2015 - The Abbott government is refusing to support proposed new laws designed to boost the retirement savings of Australian women.
Last-minute review offers hope for seniors on Federal Government in-home care packages
22/5/2015 - Seniors set to lose out when their federally funded in-home care schemes are changed in July have received a last-minute reprieve.
Superannuation reform too vital to be avoided
22/5/2015 - On Tuesday, opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said tax concessions for superannuation - a hangover from Howard-era largesse - were unsustainable. He's right as far as he goes but it is the retirement income system itself - superannuation and the aged pension - that cries out for reform.
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