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Fifield defends workforce cut, says dementia funds are safe
20.5.2015 - Assistant Minister for Social Services Mitch Fifield has confirmed the decision to cut 15 per cent from the Aged Care Workforce Fund in last week’s budget was made independently of the government’s current stocktake of workforce initiatives and was a cost savings measure.
More choice for consumers, new challenges for providers
20/5/2015 - Operators will need to adapt their business models quickly to meet the next round of reform in community care but the changes will not automatically mean less red tape or more choice for consumers, especially in a rationed system or areas of market failure.
Pensions 2017: a beginners guide
19/5/2015 - Behind the budget headlines there were some very important pension ?related changes that came through from Treasury. Two of those changes involve the assets test and two involve the incomes test.
Joe Hockey's budget has wrecked the chances of a fair tax review
18/5/2015 - Last week’s budget attempted to show a path back to surplus. But it is a questionable path based on spending cuts from last year that have not yet passed, cuts to state funding that have yet to be agreed and projected taxation where revenue returns would need to be at the levels of the Howard years.
Budget analysis: Future taxpayers will pay the price
16/5/2015 - Young people are the real losers from a short term budget.
Ageing population: generation gaps can work wonders
16/5/2015 - As the Australian population ages and the federal government prepares to lift the retirement age, there will be a growing need for companies to manage the diverse range of generations they employ.
Budget 2015: Round one to Tony Abbott but Senate fight looms
14/5/2015 - A political consensus has been reached on the centrepiece of the federal budget as all major parties back a $5.5 billion package for small business employers, despite a furious dispute over the savings needed to fund new handouts and cut the deficit.
Seniors should be encouraged to downsize: Senate affordability committee report
14/5/2015 - The Senate committee on housing affordability reports recommends that the Federal government investigate new policy settings to address barriers to downsizing by retirees, including schemes along the lines of the Housing Help for Seniors pilot.
Doctors warn of GP co-payment by stealth
13/5/2015 - DOCTORS are warning of a GP co-payment by stealth if the federal government doesn't end a freeze on the Medicare rebate.
Survey: Should Pharmacists play a bigger role in Primary Care?
29/5/2015 - The Federal Government would like to see pharmacists play a bigger role in the provision of primary health care services that are currently mostly provided by GPs.
Health, education, infrastructure: what goes to the states and territories
12/5/2015 - It may be the federal budget, but about a quarter of it — $107.7 billion to be precise — flows to the state and territory governments. Of that, $50 billion is for specific purposes, made up of $36.4 billion in National Specific Purpose Payments for skills and workforce development, community services, and affordable housing, plus $13.6 billion in National Partnership payments to accomplish specific goals over fixed timeframes.
Budget 2015: Government to raise $1 billion to improve primary health care, tackle chronic diseases and increase drug affordability
13/5/2015 - Improving primary care, tackling chronic diseases and making medicines more affordable are the cornerstones of health spending in the federal budget. But to fund the initiatives, the government will find almost $1 billion by "rationalising and streamlining" other health programs over five years.
The 2015 Federal Budget: Your five-minute guide
13/5/2015 - Our five-minute guide gives you the rundown on all you need to know.
Budget 2015: Boost for 120,000 seniors
6/5/2015 - The federal budget will offer higher payments to more than 120,000 retirees and ensure thousands more can keep a valuable concession card that cuts their cost of living, easing the impact of pension savings that will cut the deficit.
Budget 2015: unions vow industrial action over planned cuts
11/5/2015 - Public servants have promised the largest round of industrial action against the commonwealth government since the 1980s in response to job cuts slated for tomorrow night's budget.
Interest rate cut justifies not reining in super tax concessions, Joe Hockey says
5/5/2015 - Joe Hockey has claimed the further cut to Australia’s official interest rates as justification for the government’s decision not to rein in superannuation tax concessions in next week’s budget.
Federal government eyes wealthy pensioners for budget cuts
5/5/2015 - Wealthy pensioners are in the federal government's sights with a tougher assets test likely to be approved by cabinet. Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has all but confirmed that tighter rules on the assets senior Australians can own and still qualify for a part-pension will be announced in next week's budget.
Australians failing to save adequately for retirement
5/5/2015 - Australians are failing to save adequately for their retirement due to a lack of knowledge, interest and inconsistent financial advice, research by Bond University has found.
Pensions | Govt to tighten pensions for the wealthy
5/5/2015 - The federal cabinet has reportedly locked in plans to tighten access to the age pension for wealthy retirees. The new policy would see the government introduce harsher asset tests for the part-pension and dump last year's proposal to adjust pension indexation.
Providers seek to combat social isolation among clients
5/5/2015 - Social isolation has major mental health and physical impacts on older people, yet limited funding and a prioritising of the physical needs of community care clients act as significant barriers to addressing the social wellbeing of individuals.
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