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COTA Australia regularly follows developments in the news relating to our areas of work; items which may be of particular interest to site visitors will be included on this page.  For updates on our recent activities and newest additions to the site, please see Latest News.

Introducing Living Well Navigator's Owl Ratings
26/5/2015 - Looking for a retirement village and not sure where to start? Living Well Navigator's Owl Ratings is the place to go. It's an Australian first; an innovative online resource based on what residents of individual villages say matters to them most. (mynrma.com.au)
Treasurer Joe Hockey tells Coalition party room his upcoming budget will be 'responsible and fair'
24/12/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey tells his party room the savings he will propose in the May budget will be "responsible and fair", as Labor ramps up its attack on the Government's pension plans. (ABC Radio Australia)
Government, Labor prepare for budget
24/3/2015 - Labor and the coalition have laid out their battlegrounds before the pre-budget parliamentary break. The planning comes as an average of the three latest Morgan, Essential and Newspoll surveys puts Labor ahead of the coalition 53.7-46.3 in two-party terms. (SBS)
Intergenerational report overlooks the valuable contributions of older people
30/3/2015 - In the first article in a two-part series on the health implications of the Federal Government’s much-critiqued Intergenerational Report, Associate Professor Briony Dow from the National Ageing Research Institute says it overlooks the significant contributions that older people are making to society, especially as carers. (Crikey)
The economics of an ageing population
23/3/2015 - Australia's ageing population is providing many economic challenges to governments – but the pool of very experienced workers provides opportunities as well. (The Age)
Medicare branch closures and digital push makes it hard for seniors
21/3/2015 - Pensioners and those with limited internet access must be able to access government services without using mobile phones or computers, advocates say. (Sydney Morning Herald)
No change to superannuation for six months, says Joe Hockey
20/3/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey has ruled out any changes to the superannuation system in the next six months, but said Australia needs to have a genuine conversation about tax reform including superannuation.
Suitable, affordable housing is key to our population ageing well: Gill North & Eileen Webb
20/3/2015 - Whatever one’s opinion on the Intergenerational Report (IGR), it is undeniable that Australia faces challenging economic and personal realities over the next 40 years. Treasurer Joe Hockey has emphasised the IGR highlights the need for Australia to respond to demographic changes. Proposed responses include extending the average working life and increasing participation by Australian seniors. (Property Observer)
Daley urges aged pension reform
20/3/2015 - The federal government needs to refine its communication strategy and consider meaningful reform to aged pension eligibility and capital gains tax concessions in the lead up to its much-awaited second budget in May, according to the Grattan Institute's John Daley. (The Australian)
New interdisciplinary MOOC on ageing to be launched
18/3/2015 - Professionals working in aged care are being encouraged to sign up for a free online multidisciplinary course described as “TED Talks on fire” that aims to challenge what it means to age well now and in the future. (Australian Ageing Agenda)
More than 60 per cent of senior Australians use aged care programs before they die: AIHW report
18/3/2015 - More than 60 per cent of senior Australians die in aged care programs with a further 75 per cent accessing services in the 12 months before their death, according to a new national report. (Canberra Times)
Older migrants 'struggle to access basic services'
18/3/2015 - Australia's largest migrant community group says migrants who arrive in Australia at an older age often struggle to access basic services because of linguistic and cultural barriers. (sbs.com.au)
'Few know' about intergenerational report
17/3/2015 - Joe Hockey could be talking to himself about Australia's future. The treasurer said he wanted a national conversation when he handed down his 2015 Intergenerational Report nearly a fortnight ago. But it would appear few people know it exists. (9news.com.au)
Scott Morrison’s pension plan faces Senate pressure
17/3/2015 - Social Services Minister Scott Morrison faces crossbench resistance to his pension circuit-breaker of having the adequacy of the payment reviewed every three years.
Hockey open to cutting super tax concessions
17/3/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey has left the door open to cutting superannuation tax concessions, as pressure mounts from all sides for him to do so.
Dipping into super for a house is a good idea
17/3/2015 - Denying Australians access to their money to stop them entering the housing market is a cruel way to keep a lid on prices.
Homelessness & older women: The accumulation of a lifetime of inequality
16/3/2015 - An organisation supporting older women living in poverty and homelessness has launched a discussion on Twitter about the troubling landscape for ageing women in Australia today.
Pension sweetener meaningless: Plibersek
The Abbott government's proposed changes to its pension reforms are "meaningless", Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek says. In an attempt to draw parliamentary support the government is proposing to conduct a review every three years to ensure the adequacy of the pension rate once its growth is slowed by indexing to the consumer price index, instead of to the higher of the CPI or male total average weekly earnings.
Government proposes new panel for managing pensioner payments Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/03/14/18/52/government-proposes-new-panel-for-managing-pensioner-payments#g83pJfme87Urr
14/3/2015 - An independent panel could soon control the fate of millions of Australian pensioners under a proposed new plan set out by the Abbott Government. Under the new plan outlined by Social Services Minister Scott Morrison, an independent panel would review pension payments every three years as a kind of safety net.
People with $10m homes shouldn't get the age pension, says former government adviser John Freebairn
12/3/2015 - People who own $10 million-dollar homes shouldn't be able to get the age pension, and the money saved by cutting their access should go to lower-income people, says a former adviser to the Henry tax review.
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