COTA in the media

COTA in the media

As a key voice representing older Australians, COTA Australia regularly appears in both mainstream media and that targeted specifically at older people and the industries that support them. Here we have gathered together a sample of recent media coverage across a range of our advocacy areas.

When it comes to Canberra and super, patience is the key
21/6/2015 - David Murray recently appeared a little exasperated at the lack of an official response to the final report of his financial system inquiry, which was published on December 7 last year.
Greens 'staggered' Labor rejected Abbott government's proposed pension changes
19/6/2015 - Greens leader Richard Di Natale says he would have supported the Abbott government's proposed pension changes regardless of the concession he won from them to have a formal review of the retirement income system.
Where are all the blokes? Services need strategies to reach older men
19/6/2015 - Providers of community care and day therapy centres need to consider the range of services they offer, and the language and imagery used to promote them, in order to reach out to older men who continue to access services far less than women.
Elderly Australians clinging to work for longer shows cultural shift: researchers
15/6/2015 - Older Australians are clinging to work for longer, a 20-year analysis of workplace participation rates has found.
COTA on how the budget impacts older Australians
16/6/2015 - COTA Australia chief executive Ian Yates says he expects that most would welcome greater choice on aged care at home and confirmation that cuts to the indexation of pensions will not be implemented. Other budget measures, however, leave work to be done.
New reform roadmap as NACA signals next steps
12/6/2015 - Aged care providers, unions, health professionals and consumer advocates have agreed on a new blueprint for further aged care reform that calls for the phased removal of the rationing of places across aged care and the move to individual funding in both community and residential care.
Super system allows some big earners a tax edge
12/6/2015 - It is increasingly accepted that Australia's superannuation tax concessions are poorly targeted, far too generous to high income earners, and in sore need of change.
Removing the rations: best way forward, or a fiction?
12/6/2015 - The debate about whether government should remove the caps on aged care places is back in full swing. The National Aged Care Alliance today releases its blueprint calling for the phased removal of the rationing of places across aged care, however others argue that the idea of entitlement is a fiction.
Selling house a false economy for pensioners: bureaucrats
5/6/2015 - Pensioners should not sell their assets to qualify for the full pension because they will have a lower standard of living in retirement if they do, the Department of Social Services has warned.
Council on the Ageing says retirement income review 'is a lever we could use'
3/5/2015 - Senior Australians will continue their push for the government to conduct a review of retirement incomes and The Council on the Ageing (COTA) suggests this could be used as a bargaining chip in the government's proposed pension reforms.
Call for affordable housing as homeless older women issue escalates
29/5/2015 - A national women’s alliance says the Federal Government should keep negative gearing but amend the controversial tax arrangement so that it stimulates supply of age-friendly new builds to support the growing number of homeless older women.
Senate shapes up as budget blocker over pensions and family payments
22/5/2015 - Despite the positive budget reception, concerns about long-term impacts seem to have put significant savings on a collision course with the crossbench again
Boosting the potential of mature age employment
21/5/2015 - The Federal Government’s revamp of its mature age employment subsidy scheme will be closely monitored to ensure that it meets its goal of increasing sustainable employment after some commentators raised concerns that the changes might be counterproductive.
Labor delays decision over Age Pension plans
26/5/2015 - Labor is delaying a decision on the federal government?s new plan to tighten the Age Pension assets test in a sign it could accept some changes to the eligibility rules despite concerns over the impact on older Australians.
The $100 billion question: can Australia afford our retirement bill as the ‘grey vote’ booms?
18/5/2015 - Within three years, Australians will face a $100 billion bill just to cover the age pension and super tax breaks. That bill is set to keep rising; by 2025, one in three of us will be 55-plus.
States contradict Joe Hockey pledge on concessions for former part-pensioners
15/5/2015 - Joe Hockey’s budget speech promised that 91,000 retirees losing their part-pension would continue to receive state-government provided pensioner concession cards – but some states say that will not be the case and they were not consulted about the promise.
Special report: Home care package levels missing their mark
15/5/2015 - Community care providers are struggling to fill their Level 1 home care packages while managing waiting lists in the hundreds for their high level packages, an analysis by Community Care Review shows.
Older Australians required to do the heavy lifting
14/5/2015 - Pensioners and retirees are concerned that changes to health and welfare support in the budget will require older Australians to bear more of the burden for a return to surplus than the rest of the population.
Budget: Changes to accreditation, restorative care, healthy ageing grants
13/5/2015 - The Federal Budget contained several changes to aged care policies and programs, from the opening up of the accreditation process to private operators to changes to the healthy ageing grants.
Budget: ACAR to end in move to market system in home care
13/5/2015 - The Aged Care Approvals Round for home care packages will be abolished with funding to be allocated directly to consumers rather than providers from February 2017, the Federal Government announced in Tuesday’s Budget, paving the way for a significant shake-up of the home care sector.
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