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Older people have managed their own lives for a lifetime and want to continue to do this when they need the support of aged care services.

Recent aged care reforms have recognised this and the consumer directed approach in delivering home care packages is being rolled out across the aged care sector.

Under consumer direction the people getting the service take the decision on what mix of assistance and supports best fit their way of living.

Nearly 6,000 consumer directed care (CDC) packages were approved as part for 2013-2014 and are now available to older people around Australia. From 1st July 2015 all new and existing home care packages will also need to be delivered as consumer directed care.

About homecaretoday

homecaretoday is a national resource that aims to support both consumers and home care providers to make the most of the implementation of consumer direction in home care packages. At the heart of homecaretoday is a comprehensive website that we anticipate will be live in the Autumn of 2014.

homecaretoday supports consumers accessing home care by providing information, resources and peer supports that focus on giving them the tools to make the most of the benefits and opportunities of CDC.

Highlights for consumers include:

  • comprehensive information on CDC and what it means for people getting assistance at home. This information will be available online and is now available in printed format.
  • a chance to hear from people who are getting a CDC package
  • an online forum where you can pose your questions about consumer direction in home care and share your experiences with others.

A peer education is currently being trialled and will be rolled in the winter of 2014.


To providers homecaretoday offers a range of tools, resources, and training opportunities that will assist them to implement CDC across their organisations.

Highlights for providers available on launch include:

  • resources to support providers as they assess their readiness to move to a consumer directed approach
  • tools to support providers engaging with consumers in planning and delivering home care
  • learning resources, including materials to support staff training and staff development

Still in development for providers are:

  • further learning resources
  • targeted e-learning modules
  • costing and budgeting tools
  • a consultation service that supports providers in their consultation with consumers in developing and delivering their services


COTA Australia is leading this project which is funded by the Department of Social Services to manage two separate projects:

  • The Controlling My Own Life: Making the Most of CDC focussing on supporting consumers. This is being delivered in collaboration with other consumer advocacy bodies and early adopter aged care providers who trialled CDC packages.
  • The Consumer Directed Care Capacity Building Service which is being delivered in partnership with peak bodies Aged and Community Services Australia and Leading Age Services Australia.

These projects are closely aligned and serve the two groups at the centre of the shift to CDC, therefore COTA is approaching the work holistically to provide an overarching framework within which requirements of the individual projects are addressed.

homecaretoday is guided by a Steering Committee which includes members from:

  • COTA Australia
  • Aged and Community Services Australia
  • Leading Age Services Australia 
  • Alzheimer's Australia
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Inter-sex Alliance
  • Federation of Ethnic Communities Council Australia

Project Consultation Groups representing providers and consumers are providing guidance and input to the project development.

If you would like more information on this project you can reach the homecaretoday team at homecaretoday@cota.org.au


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