Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Get involved with the work COTA does for older people

Occassionally COTA requires input on submissions it is making or conducts surveys seeking additional information.about important matters. Whevener we require your input we will publish the requests on this page. 

You can also get involved with COTA by:

  1. Joining your State/Territory COTA as a member
  2. Volunteering
  3. Delivering Peer Education sessions
  4. Taking an active role in our campaigns and forums

As a member you receive regular information and benefits from COTA.  Your membership also means you are contributing to lobbying work done by COTA and helping the organisation:

  • By being included in the membership figure which allows COTA to demonstrate how broad its representation base is to government and other parties
  • By being part of a resource COTA can use to get advice from the community on topical issues
  • By being able to have your say in the policy work that COTA does
  • By being eligible to be part of policy councils or Boards in your State/Territory should you wish to be
  • By making a financial contribution to the work COTA does on behalf of older people

Should you be interested in Volunteering and/or becoming a Peer Educator please contact your local COTA

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