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COTA Australia regularly follows developments in the news relating to our areas of work; items which may be of particular interest to site visitors will be included on this page.  For updates on our recent activities and newest additions to the site, please see Latest News.

Superannuation funds face major shake-up in their corporate governance under controversial reforms
26/6/2015 - The Federal Government is on a collision course with unions over superannuation reform, with controversial draft legislation due to be tabled in parliament today.
Mental health services underestimated in dementia response: RANZCP
24/6/2015 - The professional peak body representing psychiatrists in Australia has expressed concern over the lack of a nationally coordinated approach to dementia and mental health policy development and said Australia is lagging behind other countries such as the UK and New Zealand.
Anger over Fin Review’s ‘feral’ dementia story
24/6/2015 - Advocates and care providers are outraged over a newspaper article that labelled seniors experiencing severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) as “mad, bad and dangerous to know”, sparking a new focus on media representations of dementia.
Senate passes legislation to tighten pension eligibility
23/6/2015 - The Government's largest budget measure, the tightening of pension eligibility, has passed both houses of Parliament. The $2.4 billion savings measure passed late last night after a deal between the Coalition and the Greens last week.
$2.4b pension changes pass parliament
22/6/2015 - Tens of thousands of retirees will lose their pensions while others will get a bit extra each week under controversial new rules on asset ownership.
Seniors supplement axed with Labor backing
22/6/2015 - Hundreds of thousands of older Australians will be stripped of their seniors supplement. About 300,000 wealthy seniors who do not qualify for the pension will lose $894.40 per year after legislation to strip the payment passed the Senate on Monday.
Victoria Police statistics reveal seniors affected by family violence
22/6/2015 - Horrifying statistics show more than 200 senior citizens in a pocket of Melbourne’s west were subjected to family violence in the past 12 months.
Pension assets test changes worse than claimed says Industry Super
22/6/2015 - Access to the pension will become harder than the government has conceded under its deal reached with the Greens, a new analysis finds.
Greens calls Labor?s bluff over decision to support Coalition?s pension policy
21/6/2015 - Greens leader Richard Di Natale has dismissed claims by Labor frontbencher Jason Clare his party has ?done a deal with the devil? backing the overnment on pension reform and said it was time for Bill Shorten to commit to a side in the debate.
Home design tackles the challenges of an ageing population
19/6/2015 - Along with the restaurant-scaled kitchen, one of the guilty pleasures in home design has been the five-star-hotel-sized bathroom. While not everyone can justify the luxury appointments, its scale can perhaps be rationalised. We need to plan for old age, when a larger bathroom may be more of a necessity than an indulgence.
Non-profit super labels government's deal on retirement incomes review a farce
19/6/2015 - The government's promise to review the retirement incomes system, in order to secure support from the Greens for its planned changes to the aged pension test announced in the May federal budget, has been labelled a farce.
National palliative care training for regional, rural services
17/6/2015 - Some 900 rural and regional health, aged and community care workers nationally will be the initial target of cutting-edge training being developed to support the psychological needs of terminally ill people, their families and caregivers.
Government changes tack on CHSP fees policy
17/6/2015 - The Federal Government has shelved plans to introduce a mandatory national fees policy for the new Commonwealth Home Support Program from 1 July and instead will introduce a principles-based fees framework.
Seniors to show coalition pensions fury
17/6/2015 - Unhappy seniors have vowed to show their anger at the next Federal election following a Government-Greens deal on changes to the age pension.
Domestic violence against elderly: calls for more awareness and assistance
16/5/2015 - Eleanor Hall: Advocacy groups say people underestimate the extent of abuse of older Australians and are calling for better awareness of the problem.
How consumers really behave will shape the next phase of superannuation regulation
16/6/2015 - It was really the post-war boom in consumer markets that led to independent consumer-funded organisations such as CHOICE springing up around the world. The first CHOICE magazine was published in 1960, and CHOICE today remains consumer-funded.
Senior saviours open doors to needy in exchange for housework
15/6/2015 - An unorthodox answer to Melbourne’s housing crisis is seeing low income singles offered rent-free homes with senior citizens, provided they help them with daily chores.
Most elder abuse by family of victim, says report
14/6/2015 - Up to 6 per cent of elderly Victorians are being abused, most often by a son or daughter, and often motivated by a sense of entitlement to the victim's money.
Calls mount for urgent focus on rural and remote viability
12/6/2015 - The recent financial analysis of residential aged care operators has been welcomed by industry for its accuracy, and despite some surprising but favourable findings regarding regional providers, experts and industry have stressed the urgent attention needed for the rural and remote part of the sector.
Medicare doesn't mean free care: Ley
11/6/2015 - People who believe the Medicare system guarantees free access to health care are wrong, federal health minister Sussan Ley says.
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