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Federal Budget 2015: No more shortcuts to surplus
4/5/2015 - Maybe we're getting somewhere. The nation's almost unanimous rejection of the proposed Medicare co-payment has proved to be a blessing. It's obliged the replacement Health Minister, Sussan Ley, to go back to basics and find genuine savings.
They've said the Budget will be 'dull'. That doesn't mean there won't be changes. Here's what might happen, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon writes.
4/5/2015 - Joe Hockey ruined one of my favourite nights for me last year – and I'll be damned if I'll let him do it again next Tuesday. A year ago on budget night his "no new taxes", fledgling government announced a trifecta of them. Think debt levy (sailed into law as it's only on $180,000-plus earners), fuel excise hike (brought in via the back door to bypass the pesky Senate) and GP-fee (now "dead and buried").
Australia not equipped to deal with growing 'tsunami' of dementia cases, advocates warn
3/5/2015 - Australian workplaces are not equipped to deal with the growing numbers of employees with dementia despite an ageing population and a possible "tsunami" of future cases, advocates have warned.
Budget 2015: rewards for seniors to stay at work
2/5/2015 - Older Australians will get new rewards for finding work and strong incentives to put off their retirement as the federal government recasts its controversial pension savings in a wider budget reform aimed at boosting the workforce at the same time it helps to cut the deficit.
Pensions reform: all eyes are on the family home
30/4/2015 - We have an opportunity to save the budget $14.5 billion each year, all while putting an extra $5,900 on average into the pockets of pensioners. The catch? We'd have to reassess our relationships with our houses, writes Alan Kohler.
Affordable housing system 'broken' as more Australians struggle to pay rent than ever before, Anglicare says
30/4/2015 - More Australians than ever are struggling to pay the rent, according to new figures released by Anglicare Australia. The organisation's annual Rental Affordability Snapshot showed a severe shortage of affordable rental housing with low income Australians being hit the hardest.
Federal budget 2015: retirement incomes - what's in store?
29/4/2015 - Last year, the federal government announced a cut to the indexation rate of pensions, a move which would have linked pension increases to the CPI rather than wage growth which is currently the case. This measure, had it passed the Senate, would have started in 2017 and stayed in place until the budget returned to surplus.
Ageing population need not be a drain: thinktank
29/4/2015 - Australia's demographic time-bomb in which an ever-growing proportion of older people rely on welfare in later life, is not inevitable and need not be the threat to prosperity widely predicted, according to a new study released on Thursday.
The future of women's ageing is crisis and cat food
27/4/2015 - As well as superfoods, green smoothies and almond milk, the wellness industry also advocates the benefits of lean protein. A few more respectable sorts do as well. Lean protein includes red meat, legumes and fish. Even tinned fish is acceptable, depending on the source, which is a good thing because tinned fish is the best a lot of Australian women will be able to afford in their old age.
Joe Hockey says the elderly aren’t really old and age is an attitudinal thing
23/4/2015 - TREASURER Joe Hockey says age is an “attitudinal thing” and that people never really grow old in their heads, as he launched the age discrimination report in Sydney.
Age discrimination reported by 27% of older workers in Australia
23/4/2015 - More than a quarter of employees aged 50 and over reported experiencing some form of age-based discrimination in the workplace, a new report by the Human Rights Commission has found.
Integrity of financial advice 'must be restored' to help ageing population
22/4/2015 - A day after being grilled by the Senate inquiry into financial planning scandals, NAB Wealth boss Andrew Hagger said that improving industry standards to regain consumer trust would be critical if Australia was to meet the economic challenges of an ageing population.
Fact check: Are superannuation tax breaks fair, or do they favour the rich?
2/4/2015 - As iron ore prices plummet and government revenue continues to shrink, there has been much discussion of ways to balance the federal budget and shore up revenue sources into the future.
Agedcare operators urge tax relief
21/4/2015 - Aged-care operators have asked state governments for $653 million in payroll tax exemptions as they seek to cover the effects of cuts from last year’s federal budget.
Concerns growing over dramatic changes in home care set to hit thousands of pensioners, seniors
18/4/2015 - A significant shake-up of government funded stay-at-home care schemes for the elderly is set to hit thousands of pensioners and seniors across the country on July 1.
Older Australians say super too generous
17/4/2015 - Two thirds of older Australians want the government to curb overly generous superannuation tax concessions for the wealthy rather than adjust the taper rate for age pension eligibility to take account of private earnings, according to a new survey.
Thousands receive LGBTI inclusive aged-care training
16/4/2015 - Over 2200 people working in the aged-care sector have now received LGBTI inclusive training thanks to a nationwide scheme aimed to make aged-care services more inclusive and welcoming of the LGBTI community.
Tony Abbott pledges to protect our superannuation: No changes during his term of government and beyond
16/4/2015 - TONY Abbott has ruled out any changes to superannuation in this term of government or beyond, allaying fears self-funded retirees would be in the sights of federal Cabinet’s razor gang.
Dementia, CDC top innovation grants
15/4/2015 - Dementia training for GPs and practice nurses, consumer directed care capacity building and collaborative approaches to wellness and reablement are among the 64 projects to share $34 million in the latest round of Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants.
This Dutch nursing home has found a brilliant way to help college students save money
12/4/2015 - College students in a small Dutch town have been invited to live rent-free in a nursing home for senior citizens. The students are given their own apartments in the facility and are only asked to spend at least 30 hours per week with the elderly residents.
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