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Heads in the sand on real cost of Next Generation
12/3/2015 - The latest Intergenerational Report, released by Treasurer Joe Hockey last week, reveals an increasing gap between what Australia needs for a prosperous future and what governments are delivering. And it uses a lot of wishful thinking to paper over that gap.
Why the government thinks bulk-billing can go
9/3/2015 - The medicare co-payment, or some variation thereof, is reportedly back on the table. It was only a week ago the issue was closed, with Health Minister Sussan Ley telling Coalition MPs "we are not pursuing it at all".
How well will your brain age? Older Australian Twins Study unlocking the secrets of ageing
8/3/2015 - Identical twins Kathleen Byrne and Barbara Setterfield are prized scientific test subjects. That is because, by sharing 100 per cent of their genes, the sisters provide unique living clues to answering a hotly-debated question.
Hockey looks to ‘armies’ in Intergenerational Report: experts react
5/3/2015 - Australia must encourage older Australians and women to enter and stay in the workforce in order to increase productivity and protect future prosperity, according to the Intergenerational Report released by Treasurer Joe Hockey today.
When the figures don’t tell the full story
4/3/2015 - With the fourth Intergenerational Report due to be published tomorrow, AAG president Dr Briony Dow shares her concerns about the way numbers are used in political and public debate to characterise older people as a burden on society.
Intergenerational report: Australia’s road ahead is bigger, older and broke
5/3/2015 - AUSTRALIANS will be richer and healthier as the population grows to 40 million by midcentury but the nation will be burdened with crippling debt and deepening deficits if federal parliament cannot agree on budget reform.
Intergenerational report: No tax cuts until 2021
5/3/2015 - Tax cuts are off the agenda for at least six years and would only then be possible if all the government's proposed budget cuts ­ or equivalent measures ­ were passed, the latest intergenerational report finds.
Intergenerational report: Coalition warns of debt crisis if budget plans stall
5/3/2015 - The Abbott government has published dire forecasts indicating Australia’s gross debt could rise as high as $2.8tn in 40 years unless the parliament agreed to a series of yet-to-be-legislated budget measures.
Australians will work longer and could face taxes at record levels to balance the budget, an intergenerational report claims
5/3/2015 - Australians could face record taxes in order to balance the budget if the full suite of government’s economic measures are not put in place, according to today’s intergenerational report.
Govt overreached, still needs cuts: Hockey
5/3/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey says 2014/15's budget tried to do 40 years of work in one year. But, despite the federal government backtracking on some of the more controversial changes, tough measures are still needed to pay off debt and get the budget back in the black.
Australians to live longer and be poorer in 2055, Intergenerational Report shows
5/3/2015 - Australia's population will live longer and be poorer over the next 40 years, with slower economic growth and a massive spike in the number of people living to 100, the latest Intergenerational Report shows.
The real message of the Intergenerational Report should be: we won’t be worse off
5/3/2015 - Today treasurer Joe Hockey will release the fourth Intergenerational Report. Like its predecessors, the government is likely to use the IGR to frame its economic and budget message. What past experience tells us is that behind the messaging, the numbers tell a consistent, and surprisingly optimistic, story. Whatever today’s headlines, remember to look at the numbers and ask one important question – will future generations be richer or poorer on average than today?
Intergenerational report prepared by Baby Boomers who had the best deal of any generation
5/3/2015 - Abbott and Hockey talk of intergenerational theft, yet they seek to deny young people the benefits of government largesse that their generation enjoyed more than any other group in history.
Intergenerational Report: Older Australians and women need to be encouraged to work more
5/3/2015 - Australia's prosperity is at risk of being put under increasing pressure over the next four decades unless Australians work longer and productivity is improved, according to a major report due to be released today.
Tony Abbott says Intergenerational Report will show budget on track to get close to surplus
4/3/2015 - The Intergenerational Report will reveal federal debt was set to "soar" under the former Labor government's policies, while the federal budget would have returned to surplus and stayed there for 35 years if the reforms proposed in the Coalition's politically difficult first budget had passed, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.
Intergenerational Report will reveal massive cost growth: Hockey
6/10/2015 - A massive spending burden threatens to tip the nation into decades of deficits, according to new government findings that will be released early next year to jolt parliament — and the public — into accepting another wave of budget reform.
Fear - the Abbott government's weapon of choice
3/5/2015 - What does a government do when it's lost all authority? It tries to scare people, big time. Last week it was national security. Prime Minister Tony Abbott used the word "threat" 16 times in 24 minutes. He used "death cult" nine times.
Closing the gender super gap
2/3/2015 - Australia's gender pay gap is set to create a disparity between the sexes when it comes to superannuation, according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA).
Study in older LGBTI Australians finds fear, discrimination and pain
1/3/2015 - In the struggle to be who she was, Dorothy McDonald lost everything. At times, it felt as if she had fallen into a "waking coma".
Surge expected of older people buying their first home
1/3/2015 - Spiralling property prices, changing lifestyle choices and compulsory superannuation are set to create a new trend: the grey-haired first home buyer.
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