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'Significant changes' promised on government's Medicare plan
28/2/2015 - Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has flagged big changes to the government's proposed GP co-payment plan after consultation with health professionals on the issue.
Call to tap older workers to make economy boom
26/2/2015 - Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has challenged the nation to create a boom rather than a bust out of an ageing population by having people stay in the workforce towards 70 and spend accumulated assets to boost their living standards.
50 is the new 40: Why SMEs should consider an older workforce
24/2/2015 - We all understand the population is ageing, and while comments by treasurer Joe Hockey that the first person to live to 150 may have already been born attracted some derision, it should come as no surprise. What is less easy to understand is the curious paradox that, as the workforce ages, the age at which workers are being labelled by organisations and recruiters as “old” is getting younger.
Wealthy investors safe on pensions, Liberals insist
23/2/2015 - Scott Morrison has ruled out shifting wealthy Australians with investment properties off the aged pension as the government considers its second budget, playing down another damaging leak from the powerful expenditure review committee.
Average tenant becoming more likely to be older and have families
25/2/2015 - The profile of private rental tenants in Australia has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, with an increasing number of families with children and older people renting for the long-term, an academic study has found.
Morrison dismisses 'secret' pension plan
22/2/2015 - Social Services Minister Scott Morrison says a report that the Abbott government considered kicking millionaires off the aged pension is a "beat-up".
Best activities for seniors’ mental health revealed
19/2/2015 - Exercise, tai chi and qigong, self-help books, computer-based therapies or computer games, and reminiscing on the challenges a senior has overcome in life have been rated as the top five most effective activities for improving the emotional wellbeing of older people.
‘Treat us with compassion, understanding’ say seniors
19/2/2015 - Aged care managers should make a special effort to get to know the residents at their facility, while residential aged care nurses and personal care workers need to be patient and take their time when caring for older people.
Primary Health Care slams Abbott's co-payment changes
18/2/2015 - The Coalition will back down on its proposed co-payment for doctor visits, predicts one of the nation's largest networks of private health clinics.
Budget: Economists call for overhaul of retirement system, recoup of pensions from estates
18/2/2015 - Economists have urged the Federal Government to tweak the country's retirement system to deliver savings in this year's budget.
Budget not tough, but the right thing to do: Hockey
17/2/2015 - Joe Hockey insists his May budget shouldn’t be seen as tough – just as the right thing to do. The treasurer points to the turmoil in Greece, whose latest bailout extension talks with other Eurozone ministers collapsed on Monday.
Pension increase of $200 million a year to make up for interest rate hit to investment income
16/2/2015 - The Federal Government will increase pension payments by $200 million a year, by changing the amount retirees can earn from investments before their pensions fall.
Quality Advisory Council membership announced
23/2/2015 - Representatives of aged service providers and consumer lobby groups are among those who have been appointed to the Aged Care Quality Advisory Council.
The economic potential of older people is being ignored
22/2/2015 - Moving towards a stage where 70 rather than 60 becomes the average retirement age is what our economy needs, and what older people themselves are often seeking.
Not fair: welfare for the rich
17/2/2015 - Multi-millionaire retirees are receiving federal government handouts worth about $500 million a year, sparking calls for an overhaul of Australia's publicly funded retirement system.
We won't include family home in assets pension test: Scott Morrison
17/2/2015 - Social Services Minister Scott Morrison says the government is open to making it easier for older people to sell their homes for retirement income, but has ruled out including the family home in the asset test for the pension.
Now is the time to tame government debt and deficit
12/2/2015 - You can change governments, leaders and treasurers, but the structural fiscal deficit is real, is worsening and will not go away. Some foolish and shortsighted minor parties in the Senate are in denial, refusing to acknowledge the problem and pass the meaningful reforms necessary to get the budget back to a sustainable surplus. Labor has not confronted the issue and criticises savings without offering alternative solutions.
A new call for allied health in aged care
12/2/2015 - Across the broad aged services spectrum, there is growing awareness and acceptance of the need for greater involvement of the various allied health services. Yet policy and practice barriers remain. Here, Australian Ageing Agenda provides a platform for the leading peak bodies to present their views on the changes required to facilitate access for their members to aged services.
Complaints ‘need to be valued’ says Commissioner
12/2/2015 - Rae Lamb, a former journalist and deputy health and disability commissioner in New Zealand, is now in her second term as Australia’s Aged Care Commissioner. She talks to Linda Belardi about her new determinative powers, best practice complaints handling and why providers should say sorry more often.
Health-conscious baby boomers put old age on hold
10/2/2015- People in their 60s are much healthier than a decade ago, with serious illness among the newly retired falling by almost half.
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