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Expensive and confusing: aged care explained
8/2/2015 - Aged care is becoming pricier and more confusing. Here are some must-know facts to avoid getting caught out.
Shaping 2015: Social services need more than short-term fixes
5/2/2015 - Scott Morrison’s appointment as minister for social services in late December 2014 has been seen as an important step for the Abbott government as it moves towards its second budget. The tasks he faces have been variously characterised in the media as “stopping the welfare” and “stopping the bludgers”.
Study finds no bulk-billing link to short visit to doctor despite federal government concerns
2/2/2015 - Bulk-billing doctors are no more likely to have short consultations with their patients, a study has found, casting doubt on federal government claims that current subsidies encourage "six-minute medicine".
Intergenerational report: who is to blame for your retirement shortfall?
2/2/2015 - Although your retirement shortfall is far from your own personal fault, you will be made to feel as though it is.
Home truths: facing up to housing needs for later life
30/1/2015 - New research makes a range of recommendations on how government can respond to the “urgent issues” arising from the disconnect between national housing strategy and aged care policy.
Joe Hockey raises prospect of Australians living until 150 to justify budget cuts
19/1/2015 - Treasurer Joe Hockey has raised the prospect of people living until 150 to explain why Australians should accept cuts to government benefits and pay a greater share of their health costs.
Why self-employed women are among superannuation’s biggest losers
19/1/2015 - Self-employed women rank near the top of the biggest losers among Australia’s working population in terms of super savings, research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms once again.
Retirement and long life represents a funding crisis for increasing numbers of Australians living into their 90s
18/1/2015 - Treasury figures show that over the next 40 years, the number of Australians aged 85 and over is projected to more than quadruple, from around 400,000 in 2010 to 1.8 million by 2050. That’s at least 1.8 million people who have good cause to start fretting. Or doing something about it in the way of salting away some serious dough for their dotage.
We're living longer, get over it
18/1/2015 - Here's the good news: We're living longer. Here's the bad news: There isn't any. The idea that living longer will make us infirm for longer and a burden on society for longer has been central to the government's narrative about ever-rising health costs.
Why over 90s are less of a financial drain than 70-year-olds
14/1/2015 - Australians living beyond 90 will need smaller household budgets than younger retirees, a new report shows, but require more subsidised home care to prevent them from being a bigger drain on the healthcare system.
Age is just a number: study proves you're only as old as you feel
20/12/2014 - A University College London study released this week found that people who feel younger than their actual age live longer than those who feel older than they really are.
Doctors warn of Medicare 'wrecking ball'
18/12/2014 - The Australian Medical Association has likened the Abbott Government's Medicare changes to a "wrecking ball," vowing to do everything in its power to halt what it says is "an attack on small business."
Older workers face jobless future
18/12/2014 - Two manual labourers in their 60s say they were fired because of their age.
Aged care year in review
17/12/2014 - From the dementia supplement debacle to the department’s computer glitches, and red tape cuts finally getting underway to current and future reforms on the horizon – Australian Ageing Agenda presents our top picks for the high and low points of 2014.
OECD urges pension payout rethink
17/12/2014 - Retirees could be forced to invest part of their superannuation benefits into ­pension-style products to guarantee a regular cash income instead of relying on the government’s age pension.
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