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COTA Australia aged care video – share your story

COTA Australia aged care video – share your story

Over the past 16 months, COTA Australia's Consumer Engagement in Aged Care team (CEAC) has talked to Australians from all walks of life about their experiences of accessing and receiving aged care.

Key Issues in Aged Care

At these sessions, aged care consumers and carers identified the top three issues that need to be addressed in order to better support access to or transition through aged care services. These issues were:

  1. Fees and costs are confusing
  2. Support is needed to access support and services, and
  3. Consumers and carers have a lot to offer service development and want to be involved. 


Lights, camera, action

Real stories offer support

Consumers, carers and aged care staff then collaborated as equals in a co-design group to develop a solution to these issues. The solution chosen will be a DVD of short clips that will support Australians' entering the aged care system or moving to higher levels of care.

The video clips will feature consumers and carers sharing their stories on the issues and how they overcame them. The videos will explore questions like these:

  • What can I expect when I first enquire about aged care?
  • How do I get an assessment or support?
  • What are fees and costs? 
  • How do I choose a service provider?
  • How do I get the most out of my package? 
  • How do I contribute to making service delivery better for everyone?
  • How do I make a complaint? 
  • Where do I find out about my rights and entitlements?

The video clips aim to reduce confusion about fees and costs, and support viewers to identify pathways to access aged care services and support.

You can get involved. One person's story can make a huge difference.

Are you an aged care consumer or carer? Do you have a story that fits the above questions or would complement them? Are you happy to share your story on a video? If you can answer YES to these questions and you would like to help others, then you are just the person we are looking for.

Find out more

  1. Visit the COTA Australia's ‘Getting Involved' webpage: www.cota.org.au 
  2. Complete a confidential expression of interest online: https://goo.gl/ylb9pM
  3. Or FREECALL: 1800 831 974 for a confidential interview

Applications close December 15th. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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