Our Submissions

Our Submissions

One of the key ways COTA can advocate for change is through putting in submissions to inquiries, consultative processes and providing comments on policy ideas coming from Government and other stakeholders.

The National Policy Office is responsible for all submissions on national policy issues and continues to be active in this area of our work.

Submission to Productivity Commission - Inquiry into introducing competition and informed user choice into Human Services: Part 2
February 2017 - COTA Australia welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this Productivity Commission Inquiry, given the essential role of Human Services in the lives of older Australians.
Submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Standing Committee Inquiry into Superannuation (Objective) Bill 2016
December 2016 - COTA Australia welcomes the opportunity to comment on the above Bill currently under consideration by the Committee. Superannuation law and regulations are of great interest and importance to COTA Australia’s constituency of current and future older Australians.
Submission to the 2016 Aged Care Legislated Review
December 2016 - COTA Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the 2016 Aged Care Legislated Review. We note our appreciation to the numerous staff across the COTA Federation who have contributed to this submission. Additionally, throughout our submission we have included quotes from consumers who participated in our Consumer Engagement in Aged Care project in 2016.
A draft Service Delivery Model for a proposed new carer support service system
December 2016 - COTA Australia's brief submission to the consultation regarding ‘A draft Service Delivery Model for a proposed new carer support service system’. In addition to our endorsement of the Carers Australia submission, COTA Australia would like to provide the following additional comments.
Submission to Community Visitors Scheme Review
December 2016 - COTA Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission to the Review of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS). The CVS has been a successful program that has evolved to the changing needs of aged care clients. In recent years CVS has trialled group visits in homes, introduced visits within the community for socially isolated people eligible for Home Care packages and improved services for diverse populations. While COTA has identified isolated issues with the CVS program in residential care, on the whole it would appear this long standing service continues to operate efficiently and effectively in residential care.
Submission on the draft National Aged Care Advocacy Framework
October 2016 - COTA Australia welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Consultation on the draft National Aged Care Advocacy Framework (Framework). Along with a range of other consumer supports individual advocacy services delivered under the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP) are a critical component of ensuring consumers are aware of and exercise their rights and responsibilities under various Commonwealth funded aged care services.
Federal Budget 2016 Positioning Statement
March 2016 - This year COTA Australia did not submit a detailed Pre-Budget Submission. Our experience is that "set piece" submissions have limited value in impacting on policy formulation for federal budgets in today's political, bureaucratic, economic and digital environment.
Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Budget Repair) Bill 2015
January 2015 - In its post Budget analysis of the 2015 Federal Budget COTA Australia indicated its opposition to the measure set out in Schedule 1 of this Bill to Reduce Portability of Pensions Outside of Australia.
National Willing to Work Inquiry Into Employment Discrimination
December 2015 - COTA congratulates the Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner for conducting the Willing to Work Inquiry. We welcome the opportunity to contribute our views on this important issue.
Inquiry into Ecomomic Security for Women in Retirement
December 2015 - COTA sees great value in the Senate Inquiry into Economic Security for Women in Retirement and welcomes the opportunity to make a submission.
Submission In Response To The Tax Discussion Paper
June 2015 - In this submission COTA proposes a number of principles to underpin the tax system in general and in regard to taxation of savings in particular; and identifies some aspects of the tax system that have the greatest impact on Australians in older age.
Submission To The Inquiry Into Scrutiny Of Financial Advice Into Last Resort Compensation Scheme
May 2015 - The terms of reference for this inquiry include consideration of “whether existing mechanisms are appropriate in any compensation process relating to unethical or misleading financial advice and instances where these mechanisms may have failed”. It is our view that the fact there is significant uncompensated loss incurred by investors demonstrates that existing mechanisms have failed, and there is an urgent need to establish a last resort compensation scheme for consumers who sustain uncompensated losses in the finance sector.
Proposed Withdrawal Of PBS Subsidies On Common Analgesics
May 2015 - I am writing to you in response to media coverage that you are favourably considering the removal of common analgesics such as paracetamol and aspirin from the list of PBS subsidised medicines.
Submission In Response To Recommendations Of Financial System Inquiry Final Report
April 2015 - COTA welcomes the opportunity to provide additional brief comment on the recommendations of the Final Report relating to consumer outcomes and superannuation and retirement incomes.
A secure, liveable income for all older Australians
April 2015 - There is an urgent need for an informed, evidence based national review of income security for older Australians. It must be commissioned by Government but led by independent experts, be comprehensive in scope, and draw on the best policy and economic evidence, expertise and imagination available and actively involve all significant stakeholders.
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