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For over 50 years, COTA has been the peak body representing the interests and views of older Australians.  We put people before profit, and advocate, inform & influence both Federal, State & Local Government, the business sector and the general community to deliver better outcomes for people aged 50 and over. 

COTA provides opportunities for members to directly contribute to the identification of issues and the development of policy and it undertakes research to seek their views to bring about change.  We ask our members "what makes a better life for you?" and then we act on that information.   COTA provides our members with the chance to belong to an organisation that works with them and for them. 

Our members are represented by COTA because we are invited to sit on a wide range of forums, committees, consumer advisory groups and research bodies, both Government and non-Government.  These are groups that have the power to bring about change.

Our members enjoy a sense of belonging through our various programs and events, get to meet and connect with others and are provided with information and opportunities to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing and to increase their participation in the community.  We also help raise awareness of the contributions that seniors continue to make.

Anyone can join COTA irrespective of their age, background or where they live. 

An engaged and growing membership enables COTA to become a stronger and more sustainable organisation and to provide more programs, services and support.  Importantly, it also allows us to become more persuasive when fighting for better outcomes for older Australians.

We invite you to become a COTA member to Belong, Benefit and Be Heard.

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