Increasing Self-management in Home Care Project

Increasing Self-management in Home Care Project

Increasing Self-management in Home Care Project

COTA Australia is working with RMIT University and six Home Care Providers to design and test a unique “self-management” model for the Australian context.

Through funding from a Department of Health’s Dementia & Aged Care Services (DACS) Grant from the Department of Health, COTA Australia will complete a 2-year research project on ‘increasing self-management in home care’.

Evidence shows that consumers of home care packages (and their carers, families and friends) are looking for ways to increase their choice and control. The COTA Australia led ‘Increasing Consumer Self-management in Home Care’ Project will design, develop and evaluate a ‘self-management’ model that is unique to our Australian context.

The home care package self-management model will be piloted with six Home Care Package providers across five States and Territories. Approximately 100 existing home care clients from these partner providers will participate in the trial from July 2018 to January 2019. RMIT University will independently evaluate the self-management model as part of the project.

The project aims to develop a consistent understanding of self-management and streamline self-management administration. For approved providers of home care, they will have the benefit of accessing our project findings. This means they will have access to best practice knowledge and processes for implementing self-management as a service offering within their organisation along with a host of supporting documents and resources.

What is our model of self-management?

The COTA Australia model for self-managing home care packages involves four key elements:

  1. Financial control: Consumers will have direct, real-time access to your home care package budget and statement online. Consumers will have more authority over spending decisions linked to their care plan.
  2. Help If I Need It: COTA’s “self-management consultant” will help consumer participants stay on track with self-management tasks and activities.
  3. Care and Support: Consumers will directly hire and manage staff and other suppliers, including planning, rostering and daily communications.
  4. Flexible Spending: Consumers will purchase services and products online or in-store using a home care ‘debit card’ connected to their home care plan.

Project Trial Consumer Participants

COTA is working closely with RMIT University who will conduct surveys of all consumer participants and telephone interviews with a sample of participants. Resources will be available to assist in the understanding and processes involved in this trial and in self-managing your package.

Participation in the trial is limited to existing consumers of our Project Partner organisations, and all places have been filled. Information to identify our project partners will not be available publicly until the trial is complete.

Project Aims

  • We consulted with consumers, carers and providers nationally to build a best-practice picture of the various models of self-management currently on offer to Home Care Package consumers.
  • We developed a catalogue of competencies and characteristics for consumers/carers to successfully self-manage their package.
  • We have developed a consumer toolkit to help prepare for self-management.
  • We will develop a provider toolkit to prepare an organisation to implement or self-management model, including processes around governance and risk management.
  • We will articulate the process for implementing a direct debit stored value card or other financial self-management models
  • We will trial the self-management model across our six pilot sites
  • Evaluate and report on outcomes