COVID-19 Vaccination Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Last updated: 15 March 2020

  • Everyone in Australia will be offered a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. You do not need to be an Australian Citizen or have a Medicare Card.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine will be voluntary and free. If you choose not to have a COVID-19 vaccine your eligibility for Government payments won’t be affected.
  • Speak with your GP or other healthcare professional about your individual circumstances if you have questions about receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.

When will I be vaccinated?

The Australian Government has developed a tool for you to find out when you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Visit:

  • Residents in a nursing home are included in “Phase 1A” which has already commenced.
  • Older Australians aged over 70 years will be provided their vaccines in “Phase 1B” which is scheduled to commence from 22 March 2021. In addition to people over 70 years, people with certain medical conditions, people with a disability who have a specific underlying medical condition; health and aged care workers and critical and high-risk workers are included in Phase 1B – check your eligibility at
  • Australians 50-69 years are included in “Phase 2A”, no estimated start date is currently available for this Phase’s commencement.
  • The balance of the adult population is included at “Phase 2B”. There is no estimated start date currently available for this Phase.

Why should I get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Learn about the health, social and economic benefits of being vaccinated for COVID-19 here:

What should I do before I get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Find out what you can do to be ready for your COVID-19 vaccine.

What do I take with me to my vaccination appointment?

Professor Alison McMillan, Australia’s Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer discusses what happens at your vaccination appointment. In it she reminds us of the following things:

  • take photo ID with you if you have it,
  • take Medicare card,
  • have information about the medications you take,
  • tell the healthcare professional if you have
    • got any history of anaphylaxis, or an allergic reaction to a vaccine,
    • had any other vaccines in recent weeks, you must tell them what it is you have had,
    • anything about your particular health issues, whether you’ve got a bleeding disorder, or areas such as that, and
    • Any other information that you might feel is important.

Watch the video here:

Will the vaccines impact the effectiveness of other medication I am taking?

Infectious disease specialist Dr Nick Coatsworth discusses this important issue in this video. He recommends talking to your GP who knows you best about your individual circumstances. In terms of drugs you may be taking, he mentions that vaccines mix well with other medications with very few interactions and they generally do not diminish the effectiveness of the vaccine that you are getting.

Watch the video here:

Which COVID-19 vaccine will I receive?

You can read about which COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Australia here:

What happens after I am vaccinated for COVID-19?

Find out what you need to do after you are vaccinated for COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccines ⁠–⁠ Is it true?

With new COVID-19 vaccine developments every day, it is normal to have questions or concerns, and possibly feel hesitant about getting a vaccine. That is why the Australian Government is providing accurate, evidence-based answers to questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Find out more here:

COVID-19 vaccination decision guide for frail older people, including those in residential aged care facilities.

This decision guide is to help a person who is frail or very old (>80 years), including those living in

residential aged care facilities (and their substitute decision maker), make an informed decision

about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.


Available at:

 Where can I find COVID-19 vaccine information for aged care providers, workers and residents?

The Australian Department of Health has prepared information here:


Where can I find information about COVID-19 in a language other than English?

Information about COVID-19 vaccines has been translated into multiple languages. Find information in your language here:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions, check here, or you can contact COTA Australia’s hotline on 1300 COTA AU (1300 268 228)