2015 Intergenerational Report

This year’s Intergenerational Report makes much of the need to control the economic impact of the ageing baby boomers. It is expected that by 2056 one in four people living in Australia will be over the age of 65 and 1.8 million of them will be over 85.

This demographic change has already been the subject of much public debate and has been the focus of a number of recent publications which focus on the financial and working lives of older Australians and ask them to make significant sacrifices to manage this future.

It was also at the centre of a number of 2014 budget measures. We at COTA Australia see the need for a more integrated approach. Our Hands Off The Pension campaign, in direct response to those budget measures calls for a comprehensive retirements incomes review. While our National Policy Forum in 2014 focussed on how ready Australia is to harness the potential and meet the challenge of this rapid change.

There’s already been a lot of media coverage anticipating the report reflecting just how important this issue is to our community.

Below you will find key media pieces, both our coverage and what others are saying about the Intergenerational Report as well as links to any other relevant information.

COTA Media highlights

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4 March
The Age
Opinion – Ageing boom not bust

5 March
SBS Online News
Families fear Intergenerational Report will lead to cutbacks

Tony Abbott appeals to Labor’s ‘better angels’ over intergenerational report

The Retiree
Intergenerational Report heralds the ‘Age of the Senior’

ABC iView
Interview with Chris Uhlmann

6 March
Australian Ageing Agenda
Business attitudes to older workers must change: Hockey

Intergenerational report and ageing population, what to do?

Relevant COTA media releases

5 March
Intergenerational report heralds the ‘age of the senior’

What others are saying about Intergenerational report

The Age
OPINION – Fear the Abbot Government’s weapon of choice

The Australian
Intergenerational Report will reveal massive cost growth

Sydney Morning Herald
Tony Abbott says Intergenerational Report will show budget on track to get close to surplus

ABC News
Older people and women need to be encouraged to work more

The Age
Intergenerational report prepared by Baby Boomers who had the best deal of any generation

The Conversation
The real message should be we won’t be worse off

The Age
Australians to live longer and be poorer in 2055, Intergenerational Report shows

Daily Telegraph
Govt overreached, still needs cuts: Hockey

Herald Sun
Australians will work longer and could face taxes at record levels to balance the budget, an intergenerational report claims

Intergenerational report: Coalition warns of debt crisis if budget plans stall

Financial Review
Intergenerational report: No tax cuts until 2021

The Australian
Intergenerational report: Australia’s road ahead is bigger, older and broke

Australian Ageing Agenda
When the figures don’t tell the full story

The Conversation
Hockey looks to ‘armies’ in Intergenerational Report: experts react