Submission on care and support sector code of conduct

The Department of Health has been consulting on the development of a Code of Conduct for workers across aged care, disability and veterans care.  Our engagements with older Australians highlight that they are united in wanting rights based, caring relationships to be at the core of aged care service delivery.  We have highlighted in our submission to the Department that the implementation of a consistent code will play a significant role in embedding a consumer-centred, rights-based service culture across the services.

Our submission argues that the Care and Support Sector needs a consistent Code. We think this needs to operate as a national function and be implemented and monitored consistently. We believe that the Code will provide a greater degree of assurance to consumers, their families and the wider community that the people working in and/or across the three sectors are members of a competent workforce who have demonstrated their commitment, fitness and suitability to deliver consumer-centred, rights-based care and support.