Self-management in Home Care

Self-management in Home Care

This page has been created to help providers and consumers understand ‘self-management’ in the context of home care in Australia.

Here you will find answers to the burning questions;

  • What is ‘self-management’ exactly, how do you describe it?
  • Why does self-management exist and why is it important?
  • How do you implement self-management in your life or in your organisation?

Even further than understanding the concepts of self-management, you will find a myriad of helpful resources to help you with your self-management journey, no matter what stage you are at.

The reason we can provide these evidence-based resources to you is due to funding from the Australian Government. COTA Australia ran a project Increasing Self-management in Home Care’ funded by the Department of Health in 2017 -2019. The project included the development of the definition of self-management including a practical model, it included a trial of that model surrounded by rigorous research analysis. The findings of this trial have helped us to shape the next phase of self-management in Australia. Resulting from this project is new research about self-management as well as practical resources.

For any questions, comments or suggestions please contact the project team:

Phone: 1300 899 288