Evidence Base for Self-management

Evidence Base for Self-management

This short video helps to explain a bit about why consumers want to access a self-management model in home care.

VIEW video: Self-management in Home Care – What Consumers Want 

In the Increasing Self-management in Home Care project, the team partnered with RMIT University to further build the evidence base on the topic. The project began with a review of literature evaluating existing and past home care programs based on empowering consumer ‘self-management’. Using this research base, the project was able to build upon the successes and lessons learnt from past programs.

Further to this, the project included a research analysis of the newly designed and trialed self-management model, so that we were able to add to the existing body of practical and academic knowledge available.

As well as academic publications, numerous reports and articles were published to reach industry and consumer audiences.

  • Literature Review – coming soon
  • Academic article – coming soon
  • Industry publications – coming soon