Energy News

The Energy Advocates since their establishment in 2017 have been highlighting and representing the concerns of older Australians on energy issues.  The Advocates are working with us to make a submission to Independent Accountability Panel of the Energy Charter, the IAP.

What’s an IPA submission about?

Each year energy providers report back on their performance against the Energy Charter, known as a disclosure report.  The Charter is an industry and customer-led initiative. The Charter’s purpose is to inform the energy industry sector of the culture and solutions needed to deliver more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all Australians. Since 2019 many energy businesses (retailers, suppliers, distributors) have committed to deliver energy in line with the Charter’s Principles.

These disclosure reports are made to the Independent Accountability Panel of the Energy Charter.  The Panel was established to assess the progress of the energy companies that sign up as Signatories to the Energy Charter. Since 2019, the IAP has received annual disclosures reports from Signatories that communicate to customers their individual progress on delivering the Energy Charter Principles. The IPA then seeks customer and other stakeholder feedback on these reports.

Our submission

COTA Energy Advocates generously and thoughtfully allot many hours to reading and analysing these reports, along with comparing reports. They highlight areas where improvements have been made and note areas where the industry or a particular signatory is not progressing sufficiently on one or other of the Principles. They also showcase areas of best practice with the aim of embedding these across the energy sector and suggest ways in which the Charter’s Principles can be further strengthened.  Our submission with the support of the Energy Advocates aims to provide balanced and useful feedback on individual, as well as the suite of disclosure reports.

The submission will be posted on COTA websites. However, in the interim, we invite you to visit the IAP website and view the Disclosure Report/s – in particular, those most relevant to you. Plus, we know the IPA would warmly welcome your comments. This can be done by email or more formally.

Note:  The IPA’s report will be released on its website by 10 December 2021.

Congratulations Robyn Robinson

The Australian Energy Regulator has recently announced the appointment of its Consumer Challenge Panel.  The panel will advise the Regulator on whether the long-term interests of consumers are being appropriately considered in the Regulator’s decision-making, and assessing network service providers’ consumer engagement activities, including the extent to which network proposals reflect consumer preferences.

We are pleased to congratulate Robyn Robinson on her appointment to the panel.  Robyn’s individual appointment reflects her expertise in the energy industry and commitment to consumer outcomes.  Robyn is a key contributor to the COTA Energy Advocates program.  We look forward to her continued leadership and sharing of energy expertise.