MEDIA RELEASE: Discrimination law changes welcomed

Changes to anti-discrimination laws will strengthen seniors rights

Consolidation and streamlining Australia’s multiple anti-discrimination laws is a significant step forward in advancing the rights of older Australians, COTA Australia said today.

The Federal Government this morning announced its decision to replace Australia’s five anti-discrimination Acts with a single Act that will tackle all forms of discrimination on the same basis.

“This decision will have the positive affect of strengthening action against age discrimination, said Ian Yates, Chief Executive of COTA Australia.

“For far too long the federal Age Discrimination Act has been the weakest link in the anti-discrimination chain and that has made it hard to make complaints and win cases.

“The government’s decision means all forms of discrimination will be dealt with under the same Act, based on the best features and highest standards of the current laws, and further strengthening the basis for a complaint.

“For older Australians, this higher benchmark will mean that protections against age discrimination will be tougher and more easily tackled.

“Strengthening all the grounds and introducing grounds of sexual identity and gender identity will also mean that discrimination against older Australians based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other reason will all be tackled at the same standard.

“This is positive step forward that will help create a better Australia for people of all ages. We welcome the Government’s initiative and will support it in the forthcoming Senate Inquiry”