The Catalyst Report – Aged Care study

Catalyst Research is today launching its inaugural Aged Care industry study in partnership with Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia. This is a national study to build an understanding of what people are looking for when choosing a nursing home.

Many people avoid thinking about it, but getting older is inevitable. More than half of those over 40 will be involved with choosing a nursing home at some point. It may be a parent or grandparent with mobility issues, someone close suffering from dementia or a stroke, or our own care needs later in life.

The study will gather feedback from over 5,000 Australians – those currently living in residential aged care, the people who love them, and others considering it for the future. The findings will be used to inform nursing home providers of consumer choice factors, information sources, and the hopes and fears of residents. It is a chance for the general public to help shape the future of aged care.

The survey can be accessed via

Quote attibutable to Ian Yates AM, Chief Exectutive, COTA Australia

“Older Australians want more choice and control and more diverse options when choosing their aged care. We need industry to invest in different services, and this research will give them the certainty to invest.”

For more information:

Catalyst Research contact: Kevin McCreton, Managing Director: 0412 039 007

COTA Australia contact: Ian Yates, Chief Executive: 0418 835 439

About Catalyst Research

Catalyst is an Australian insights agency founded in 1998. Catalyst conducts custom studies across healthcare, technology, finance, publishing, manufacturing, government and NFP sectors. Over the past five years, The Catalyst Report has tracked consumer expectations and selection criteria for the Home Care industry, publishing 100 reports guiding providers on how to improve their business. Catalyst’s inagural RAC study will bring new insights for organisations offering residential aged care.

About COTA Australia

COTA Australia is the national peak body for older Australians. It provides policy advocacy, research, and representation to the over eight million Australians over 50 years old. The COTA Federation has over 45,000 individual members and supporters and more than 1,000 seniors’ organisation members, which jointly engage the diversity of over 500,000 older Australians. This broad base, along with a research focus, means COTA Australia can focus on national policy issues from the perspective of older people as citizens and consumers. This includes both advocacy to Government and Industry, as well as providing consumer information and trusted advice.