NPF 2023: Releasing the Value of Growing Older

NPF 2023: Releasing the Value of Growing Older

NPF 2023: Releasing the Value of Growing Older

Thursday 25 May 2023

National Press Club

9:30am – 4:15pm 

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Older people’s role in the economy, as consumers, investors, and workers is changing fast. As generation X hit their sixties, Australia cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. Ongoing, meaningful economic participation ensures the wellbeing of older people, and also delivers economic benefits for all.

The National Policy Forum will consider the impact of policy reform after the 2023 Federal Budget. It will go on to map the emerging challenges, and opportunities, that the changing regulatory and cultural framework present, to older people, business, and the community sector.

Bringing together leaders from Government, Business, Academia, and the Community Sector, the forum will consider what needs to change to maximise value for everyone from our ageing population. Our exciting list of speakers include:

Professor Hazel Bateman
ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research
The Superannuation (and) Savings Lens

Brendan Coates
Grattan Institute
The Big Picture – Trends and Countertrends

Emma Dawson
Per Capita
The Road less Travelled – Hidden Opportunities and Cautionary Tales

Dr Myra Hamilton
Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW
The Gender Lens

Oliver Richards
Assistant Secretary, Treasury
IGR and Economic Participation from Ageing Australia

Professor Peter Whiteford
Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU
The Reality and Scope of the Tensions in 2023

Professor Roger Wilkins
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Effects of Economic Participation (or not) on Ageing

Other to be announced

This will be an essential learning and networking event for those trying to keep ahead of emerging trends and changing norms in Australia’s economy.

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