Seeking your views on our priority arenas for 2020-2025

Seeking your views on our priority arenas for 2020-2025

COTA Australia has begun to develop our new Strategic Plan 2020-2025. Our draft Plan sets out the broad directions of the organisation, strategic themes and policy arenas.

The opportunities and challenges ahead for older Australians are varied. That is why we wanted to ask all of you to tell us what is most important to you, our valued supporters.

We know that priorities change over time and that this list won’t be exhaustive or represents a list of all the things we’ll do at the one time. For example, many planned activities have had to be put on hold while we focused on COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed the focus of digital inclusion for many older Australians. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will identify areas of action, Government’s decision on Retirement Incomes and anti-ageism activities will all generate new work not yet known.

Through our State of the (Older) Nation report, our previous Federal Election Panels, the emails and telephone calls we receive direct, and the many discussions with other organisations working with Older Australians we have drafted some of the key policy arenas we think should be our priorities in 2020-25 (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Affordable, Safe and Appropriate Housing Security (security of tenure, cost of living)
  • Aged Care reform (consumer choice and control, transforming aged care, increased home care, dementia friendly communities)
  • Digital divide (removing financial and operational barriers, enabling digital literacy, promoting inclusive strategies)
  • Elder Abuse (proactive safety measures, legal sanctions, compensation)
  • Financial capacity (mature age employment, optimising retirement incomes, ensuring strong and inclusive social security safety nets)
  • Health (removing barriers to access)
  • Social isolation (supporting and enabling social connection, age friendly communities).

To tell us your view by Sunday 27 September – simply reorder the list below from most important at the top to least important at the bottom, add any other ideas you have and comments and then click submit:

  • Move the below list into the order of most important to you (at the top) to least important (at the bottom)
    • ------- Affordable Safe and Appropriate Housing Security
    • ------- Aged Care reform
    • ------- Digital divide
    • ------- Elder Abuse
    • ------- Financial capacity
    • ------- Health
    • ------- Social isolation
  • Please add any additional areas you think we should be working in during the next 5 years
  • Do you have any additional comments about COTA Australia's work in the coming years?