‘This is our Space’ – Ageing with Disability

The Handbook is for the many diverse community groups providing activities to support and enrich the lives of older people. Activities might include sport and recreation opportunities tailored for older people, activities with a craft and hobby focus, and community volunteering amongst others.

Vibrant social participation supports ‘active ageing’ by involving older people in the social, environmental, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs of society.

Active ageing is as important to older people with disability as it is for those without disabilities.
Older people with disability have an equal right to access the same community-based support and services as other older people. They should not feel excluded on the basis of environmental or psychological barriers.

Older people with disability have the potential to bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and skills harnessed from their lived experience to any group setting in the community.

With the right approach and preparation, community providers can bring people of all abilities together to share their unique talents and personalities, for the betterment of the whole group.

Launched by Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Carers, Amanda Rishworth, This is our Space -­ Ageing with Disability, produced by COTA Australia and COTA SA, includes information, strategies and tools to support community groups in making the participation of older people with a disability in their activities more likely and easier.

The handbook was funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.