MEDIA RELEASE: Labor’s Budget Reply commitment on cancer welcome but missing in action on other key commitments for 8 million older Australians

5 April 2019
Labor's Budget Reply will provide funding for cancer treatment and medicine, and a modest extra commitment to more aged care training places; but is missing in action on other key commitments for 8 million older Australians.

MEDIA RELEASE: COTA Australia welcomes new specialist care program for vulnerable Australians with dementia

5 February 2019
Australia’s leading senior’s advocacy organisation, COTA Australia, has welcomed the Government’s allocation of $70 million per year towards the creation of 30 specialist care units to support people living with dementia.

Consumer Direction and Dementia in the Community Webinar Presentation

8 March 2017, COTA Publication
In this presentation we explored the importance of effective partnerships between consumers and service providers in supporting the choices and well-being of people with dementia in their everyday life at home.

Greens Ageing Policy Will Improve Lives Of Older Australians

21 June 2016
Leading seniors advocate COTA Australia today welcomed the first major party's policy on ageing Equality and Compassion: Supporting older Australians by the Australian Greens, that includes commitments on more choice and control in aged care, improving mature age work opportunities and providing fun